Planting Local

rural-church-on-cape-breton-island-300x225The Great Commission given to us by Jesus Christ is a command for his Church to carry the good news of the gospel of Christ to every urban center, street corner, African bungalow, and farmhouse across the globe. We are called by God to take the gospel to the nations, giving people the opportunity to turn from sin, believe in Christ Jesus, and have the opportunity to spiritually mature in him.

In recent years, the North American Mission Board has restructured, retooled, and reengaged with the primary task of planting churches. I am thrilled at what NAMB, under the leadership of Kevin Ezell, is doing to mobilize churches to focus on key influential cities, where most of the population in the United States live. It takes lots of people and lots of money over a long period of time to plant established, healthy churches. I rejoice in all God is doing through the North American Mission Board.

Championing church planting in key and influential cities must be strategic and highly elevated. I gladly give each year to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and I highly encourage you and your church to give as well. But we must not delegate our church planting to just giving money and not sending people.

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